On January 26, at a round table chaired by Vadim Dengin, a member of the Federation Council Committee on the Budget and the Securities Market, the problem of a shortage of IT specialists in Russia was discussed. The participants in the conversation are invited to seek meetings with gamers.

In 2022, about 100 thousand people left Russia. Despite the fact that 80% of those who left continue to work in a Russian company, this does not solve the shortage of personnel. For example, by 2022, the number of vacancies for DevOps engineers increased by 49% annually. The Federation Council noted that last year the need for DevOps engineers only intensified.

Company CEO Mobile e-education Alexander Kondakov welcomes the development of e-sports in order to highlight promising personnel among the participants in the competition.

Deputy Minister of Education Daria Kiryanova said that for the Games of the Future 2024 tournament, a “phygital” movement is taking place, which includes training and practicing in the combined areas of programming, e-sports and classical sports. The Figital Movement is designed to train specialists in new areas, such as Cyber-Physical Systems, Unmanned Robotics, Simulation and Artificial Intelligence Technologies.

There is no successful practice of using esports as a founder, Konstantin Sakhnov founded the Vengeance Games studio. According to him, esports players can not always become his best IT specialists, because they do not have the necessary skills. [Ведомости]

Source: Iphones RU

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