In 2024, drivers will be able to be fined based on photos in the People’s Inspector, a special mobile app for correcting violations. The Moscow Wizard-based service will be developed by the Software Product group of companies, RBC reported.

Drivers will be fined for the photo in the new application “People’s Inspector”

Motorists are already receiving fines issued with smartphone images in Moscow and other regions where there are local apps.

The All-Russian service will help to correct much more traffic violations, for which it will be possible to punish. The list is included in the terms of reference for developers: to decide which types of attachment to connect and in what order, they will be in the regions.

The application must be able to automatically recognize the license plate, determine the time of the violation and the location of the witness’s smartphone, determine the traffic sign that prohibits stopping or parking vehicles.

In case the violations are successfully fixed and the resolution continues to be executed, users will receive bonuses. They can be used to pay for public transportation, parking, and other purposes.

In order to implement the “People’s Inspector”, it will be necessary to modify the Code of Administrative Infractions, which will legalize the use of a smartphone as a recording tool.

In 2019, the Supreme Court banned the use of the Moscow Assistant for the same purpose, stating that a mobile phone cannot be considered an automatic fixing device. Violations on the line of the traffic police, the application has ceased to fix.


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Source: RB

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