The shares of the American media company Buzzfeed doubled in just one day on the news that it will use ChatGPT to write texts. Buzzfeed will use a neural network to personalize the content.

Buzzfeed shares doubled on news of ChatGPT’s involvement in copywriting

Internet publisher Buzzfeed announced that it plans to increase the number of posts by using the ChatGPT neural network. On the news, the company’s shares were up 119% on the Nasdaq in a single trading session. Trading on January 26 closed at $2.09 per share.

Buzzfeed will use the ChatGPT neural network to personalize content. The company’s website publishes materials in various forms that cover widely discussed topics.

Buzzfeed went public in 2021 through a merger with a SPAC company. At the end of 2022, Buzzfeed laid off 12% of its employees, after which its shares on Nasdaq collapsed 40%.


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