one of the things Facebook What causes concern for users is constantly checking whether the posts uploaded to the social network are liked by many. There is a way to prevent this from eventually becoming a serious problem: hide the so-called ‘likes’ and we’ll tell you how to achieve this.

The truth is that this option exists among the Company Settings that Meta has, integrated with its management tools, but not many people know exactly where to do this. And this is exactly what we will show using the client. smart phones currently available on Facebook (the steps required are practically the same for both iOS and Android, which is very good news).

Steps to take to remove ‘Like’ from Facebook

In a few minutes you will verify that you have achieved this, which for many take a break because they won’t have to constantly check how many users like what they upload. And this is achieved simply and simply, because the option does not appear in the interface of the social network. Below we show you what you need to do to achieve this, because in addition, config location It has changed since its release.

  • Go to the Facebook app you use regularly on your phone, as usual, you may need to enter your credentials.
  • Now access Settings, something you get using the icon in the upper right area with three horizontal lines, often called a hamburger.
  • Scroll down to find a section called Settings and privacy, use the down pointing arrow on the right. Now choose Settings among the options you see.
  • Inside Preferences you need to click on Reaction Preferences which takes you to where you can hide ‘likes’ to your posts.
  • You have two options activated by a slider. The first is when you remove what you see in other people’s posts, the second is what you install. We recommend using both first.
  • Once this is done, you are done.
Hide Likes on Facebook

Smart Life

As you can see, achieving the desired goal is not at all complicated. Also, if you want to restore the initial settings, simply repeat the above steps and disable the sliders. It’s that simple avoiding stress this means that many people see what you like or dislike on Facebook.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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