In the last few decades, electronics and white goods have been some of the most booming sectors in the world of technology. Much of this is justified by changes in society’s routine and a need arises as a result. optimization of daily tasks and increased practicality.

Asian countries such as Japan, for example, were largely responsible for revolutionizing the home appliances and electronics market, as the industrial revolution in the country collaborated to create more and more modern appliances and actively influenced consumption habits around the world.

The impact of the Asian market on domestic optimization

It doesn’t take a tech savvy to realize just how smart and automated the simplest everyday items are – after all, who hasn’t come across an ad for ‘how to make your home smart’ or received a recommendation to buy. Something you didn’t even know existed?

This type of content has become a craze on social networks, especially videos of users with modern homes showing the tricks of creatively and efficiently organizing small spaces like the kitchen and bedroom – for those looking for a real hand at the wheel. optimize time and space.

The Asian market sells more of an opportunity with automatic bins than innovative objects: home automation. It is possible to have all this without spending stratospheric sums or even leaving home because Asian e-commerce platforms like About JoyBos are the main means of accessing this dynamic and technological experience.

Smart trash cans: from luxury to trash

For those looking for a more modern and automated home, there are some essentials like light bulbs and smart devices that help make the lives of those with a busy routine easier, as well as provide more comfort and even save energy.

However, some objects have also proven necessary by going beyond the trend, combining the useful and the pleasant. smart trash can. We have reserved some options for you that will make you a real cleaning guru with its countless features and functions, from bag changing to opening sensor.

9 Liter Smart Trash, JoyBos

20% Closed

Image: Joyboss 9 liter smart waste basket

Image: Tecmundo Recommends

9 liter waste bin with a modern design, with a fast sensor that opens the lid automatically.

261.11 BRL

The JoyBos 9 Liter Smart Trash Bin is 30cm high and only 15cm wide, allowing it to strategically fit into tight and tight spaces. In addition, the litter box has a lid with a smart sensor that takes about 0.3 seconds to respond, meaning the user just needs to zoom in on their hand, knee or foot for it to open automatically.

The dumpster still features waterproof IPX5 technology – ideal for bathrooms – leaves the trash bag exposed and is very quiet. With a top-secret compartment for two AA batteries, this trash can promises a long battery life.

Smart Recycle Bin 13 liters, JoyBos

56% Closed

Image: Joyboss 13 liter smart waste basket

Image: Tecmundo Recommends

13 liter waste bin with smart sensor and waterproof‘This.

700.63 BRL

Like the first product on the list, JoyBos 13-liter smart dustbin is a product specified for those who look for practicality and technology in a single product. The plastic-coated, waterproof and odor-proof dustbin can be used both in the kitchen and in the bathroom with its 13-liter volume.

This model also responds to the proximity sensor and has a sealed package, much more hygienic than usual. In addition, it is recommended to use drawstring garbage bags, as the garbage can has a compartment that allows the garbage bag to be closed automatically.

Smart Recycle Bin 14 liters, JoyBos

34% Closed

Image: Joyboss 14 liter smart waste basket

Image: Tecmundo Recommends

14 liter smart trash can with automatic sensor and proofer of water.

391.13 BRL

Despite being the largest of the three options, the Joybos 14 liter bin is quite narrow and compact and fits in any corner. Like its predecessors, it’s waterproof, has a proximity sensor, and is very quiet.

However, the big difference is in the absorption sensor. When closing the lid of the litter box, the inside of the can becomes a vacuum, causing the litter bag to stick tightly to the walls of the can, optimizing the space. In addition, the ventilation system prevents bad odors, making the product extremely hygienic for every room in the house.

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Source: Tec Mundo

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