Avito Real Estate has launched a service to assess the commercial potential of commercial properties. It will collect information on foot and car traffic, target audience coverage, and other data and provide it in the form of a report.

Avito Real Estate launched a service to assess the commercial potential of commercial premises

The Avito Real Estate press service announced the launch of the RB.RU service.

The service was created together with the BestPlace geoplatform, which provides open source analytical data, for example, on the population of a particular area, transport infrastructure, traffic flows and pedestrians.

“Entrepreneurs and investors will be able to find suitable objects for themselves and, based on data about the environment (housing under construction, shopping and business centers, educational and medical institutions) and many other parameters, predict relevant business niches preferred in a particular . area”, said the head of the department of commercial real estate “Avito” Oleg Izotov.

Currently, the service only works in more than a million cities. You can order a report directly in the ad about the object for 399 rubles. Now the service is available only to half of Avito users in the application on iOS and Android. If the service is of interest to users, everyone will have access to it.

2GIS launched a similar service in terms of services provided in December 2022. The development of the company visualizes big data on a city map, which allows companies to find suitable solutions for them, for example, where it is better to open a coffee shop.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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