Draft law on the sanctions regime Transport Inspectorate It includes measures such as fines, blockades and immobilization of vehicles, which will have very serious consequences for the mobility apps market in Colombia, removing them all from the ecosystem.

Thus, the income of the estimated 100,000 drivers working with these applications such as Uber, Didi, inDrive or Cabify would be gone.

For José Daniel López, the association’s executive director, the initiative is in its third draft and will soon be presented to the Congress of the Republic.

“The bill announces web blocking of these apps through administrative procedures, long-term immobilization of drivers’ vehicles for 1 to 3 months, fines of more than 10 million pesos for citizens those who use these platforms, among others,” said the executive.

According to the document, “The Undersecretariat of Transport will give instructions” blocking electronic commerce tools or technological platforms for up to (30) days per eventwhen it realizes that the services it provides without the permission of the law and the authorized transport institution, it determines that the mobilization needs of third parties are met in the vehicles registered to the private service.

Likewise, whenIf it is verified that the equipment has been serviced without authorization, it will be immobilized for thirty (30) days the first time.for sixty (60) days for the second time and for ninety (90) days each time in the following cases.”

According to a Fedesarrollo study, if these platforms did not work in Colombia, 44 percent of 100,000 drivers would be unemployed and 32 percent would have another job.

In the event that sanctions are imposed on users, fines and sanctions in the amount of two hundred and fifty (250) Tax Value Units are foreseen for the provision of the transportation service by unauthorized real or legal persons. Sanctions will be applied for every vehicle used in contracted services.

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Source: Exame

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