One of the things that doesn’t make much sense right now is that the Android version Google TV does not include the ability to add widgets this eliminates the hassle of running the app to quickly use some of its core functions. Fortunately, this is something that will change.

It has been interpreted by Google for a while that this innovation is in mind, but no step has been taken to include this option in the relevant application in the different updates it has received so far. However, finally, as can be learned from the Mountain View company, they have everything to take my step With the latest version of its development targeting everything about Smart TVs, it makes the life of users a little easier.

Widget info for Google TV

One of the first surprising things is that there is no need to update the app to enable the use of the new item. Therefore, everything is already included. Thus, all that can be expected is Activates from North American company servers everything (something that can take a while in some areas but we’re only talking about days). It has also been possible to verify that the design it will offer is generally extended with the two main functions most used by users.

New widget for Google TV on Android


Confirmed to be part of the new Google TV widget, call -write the terms that limit what you want to find in the middle field-. Also, if you click on the icon in the right area, remote control integrated with software and this allows you to perform basic actions (such as navigating between different menus or enabling duplication of content available on streaming platforms). Therefore, it looks quite complete.

Ideal for Pixel Tablet

We say this because one of the users of this device should be put on a base and become the management element of everything related to the use of options. digital and smart homes. With future optimization options, such as more precise management of content in the widget, only Android version 12 and 13They will be the ones who can benefit from this new item, which will be of great help to many users.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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