progress electric cars growing, so it is not surprising that all companies with services related to the engine world are adapting. One of them Google, which will take an important step in this regard in the Maps application,. We tell you exactly what it is about.

Since 2021, the North American firm has included in the version of Google Maps we are talking about for Android Auto, options that allow you to create routes that take into account electric charging points. But this, does not happen in iOS or Android app to date. Fortunately, things will change in a short time for the operating system we mentioned.

And the truth is, it does all the logic in the world, because not all electric cars on the market run Android Auto, so they can’t perform. Accurate planning with Google Maps to make sure they go on a route where you’ll have no trouble finding what’s needed to charge the car battery And this is something users complain about and of course Mountain View firm is taking appropriate action.

Google Maps logo with city background


Google Maps is already being prepared

In version 11.65 of the application we are talking about, various indications were found that the option to create routes with the best options was introduced. electric charging points on the roadsThis is very helpful and assures those who bet on EVs that they can continue to make optimal use of Google’s work.

Some options detected notifications to users (for example, a low battery signal to the driver when it reaches the charging point, so as not to be overly frightened). Also an indicator that clearly shows the driver that it is not possible to determine a suitable route to reach the desired destination. It looks like things have progressed quite a bit. Also, the expected UI is the same as currently found in Android Auto.

It will be necessary to provide information about the car.

It is not entirely clear in which version this new function will be activated by Google, but what cannot be avoided is that you need to provide some data about the electric car you have. An example would be to specify battery charge vehicle and even adapter type used in charging stations. Otherwise, it does not seem possible to create adequate and effective ways.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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