rapper Kendrick Lamar released the music video for this Sunday (8) song.Heart Part 5”, which is part of her album, is scheduled to be released next Friday (13). In the video, the singer has help deep fake to be an actor Will Smith and other celebrities.

In the yet to be released song, the artist addresses issues related to the black community in the United States and brings them to life using images of certain personalities in the clip. To that end, the recording, directed by Lamar himself, in partnership with producer Dave Free, bets on permissive technique. digitally recreate faces.

The technology is based on an artificial intelligence system that can learn how a person behaves, identify movement patterns, facial expressions, voice details and more, supported by photos and videos. With this, the mechanism allows to put one’s face on another’s body, fake video.

Kanye West also "appears" in the clip.

The use of deepfakes has become widespread on social networks, raising concerns about this increase. misinformation about elections, vaccines and other topics. Some platforms are even developing tools to detect and eliminate this fake content. Facebook.

Watch Kendrick Lamar’s New Video

American rapper transforms into former actor and actor in “The Heart Part 5” video O.J. SimpsonHe uses technology to replace his face with the face of the controversial rapper, who was on trial after being accused of murdering his wife in the 1990s. Kanye West.

In other parts of the video, the deepfake technique is re-triggered to turn the singer into an actress. Jussie Smollettwas sentenced to prison for committing a hate crime. Soon, it’s the turn of star Will Smith, who made headlines after slapping comedian Chris Rock. Oscar 2022.

Other people whose faces appear while singing in the video are rappers. Nipsey Hussle and former basketball player Kobe Bryant, both are now dead. Watch the video “The Heart Part 5”:

Source: Tec Mundo

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