This May, Google expanded the list of sanctions imposed on Russia as the country continues to fight Ukraine. This time, the limitation includes paid apps that are purchased or available for purchase. Google Play store from Android.

According to the new guidelines, developers can no longer release paid app updates in Russia. Also, users can no longer purchase and download costly apps on the platform. Only paid services and games continue to operate normally in the country.

This means that users who have purchased and not downloaded apps on their smartphones do not have access to those apps indefinitely. In addition, the absence of updates can reduce performance and even prevent some tools from working. According to the company, the blockage was due to “compliance,” that is, compliance with local rules and regulations.

Sanctions continue

In support of the case, the company recommends that developers delay their payment renewal or convert the app to a paid app if they want to prevent it from disappearing from the Russian Google Play Store, in case of an emergency utility.

This isn’t the company’s first stance on conflict. In March 2022Shortly after the start of the invasion ordered by President Vladimir Putin, Google announced the suspension of payments on the Google Play Store as part of sanctions aimed at ending the war on the country. The company also monitors Russian-sourced cyberattacks in Ukraine.

YouTube and the App Store have also suspended monetization since the same period. Online services such as Spotify, PayPal, and Netflix have also stopped working in the region. Manufacturers such as AMD, Intel, and LG have suspended shipments of new electronics or components and limited office and factory operations.

Source: Tec Mundo

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