I really like to listen to music and I am very responsible when choosing headphones, because most often I listen to my favorite tracks on the road. My ears have heard a lot of “every day” in-ear listening, but all of them require unpleasant sensations: either the price is too high, or the shape is almost uncomfortable, or the built-in active noise canceling frequency is so sharp that it starts to wrinkle from musical porridge.

And then I got my hands on headphones from the EarFun brand called Air Pro SV. I have long wanted to listen to them, because for very adequate money these headphones have:

▪️ 10mm surround drivers
▪️ touch control
▪️ working mode
▪️active noise canceling with wind noise reduction

Plus (finally!) unusual key and long battery life. All this splendor costs today 4990 rubles, and for such a large amount you still need to look.

I have been using EarFun Air Pro SV for more than a week now and below I will tell you about all the pluses, I don’t know about a couple of minuses, but how could I do without them. But first, I’ll introduce the EarFun brand itself so that you don’t think it’s some kind of noname.

Who are EarFun

It is said that engineers approach the hull hull for 240 days.

The home of the brand is the city of Santa Monica in the USA. It was there that experienced engineers, designers and music lovers with solid experience in large companies like Harman gathered in 2018.

These people created the perfect headphones that would be flawless and technologically advanced, but at the same time cost no more than $ 100 for buyers.

Their very first EarFun Free headphones raised over $250,000 on Indiegogo crowdfunding platform, although the goal was $10,000.

Upon release, the earbuds sold like hot cakes, garnering numerous prestigious awards such as the iF Design Award and CES Innovation, and being loved by music lovers around the world.

Some rave reviews about EarFun products from respected Western tech publications.

Now EarFun products can be bought in Russia. The range is quite wide – several lines of headphones and wireless speakers, which some Western reviewers even compare in terms of sound quality with much higher quality. brand review.

Let’s see what causes Air Pro SV, which are considered flagship among other EarFun models. It will be interesting.

Design and comfort

Headphones are made in the usual form with a “leg”.

When creating the Air Pro SV, EarFun engineers took the proven in-ear design with “leg“, however, she added her own developments. Thus, unlike other models,legs» on the right and left earphones have touch panels with which you can control the mute of your music.

I want to highlight the design of the plastic charging case for the Air Pro SV, which has a cutout in the top aluminum cover. Through this “window» you can tell at a glance whether there are headphones inside the case or not.

On the one hand, it is convenient and looks fresh, but on the other hand, the case does not have moisture protection, so I would not drop this accessory into a puddle or snow.

A hole in the aluminum cover allows you to instantly check the closed case to see if the headphones are in place.

But some headphones have moisture protection, and even non-standard, IPX5. You still can’t swim in them, but you can already not be afraid of heavy rain and increased sweating.

The dongle has a USB-C charging port located on the front. No more buttons, everything is as concise as possible. The earphones are held inside by magnets, the lid opens with a noticeable effort, it doesn’t dangle or creak. The collection of high-quality complaints and withdrawals was not found.

Operating time on resonance: 6 hours the headphones work autonomously from their batteries, a key with a 55 mAh battery can charge them for another 18 hours of uninterrupted music playback. Moreover, there is a quick charge, when 10 minutes in the case is charged for 2 hours of work.

There is even a special stick for cleaning silicone nozzles in the kit.

The kit includes two pairs of additional silicone tips of different sizes, so that with the right selection, Air Pro SV sits in your ears like family. I wore it for 3 hours straight and didn’t profess any discomfort.

With development, they can play sports, thanks to improved moisture protection and a tight fit. Headphones will not fall out of your ears even when meeting with shaking, verified by personal experience.

Management and setup

Each earbud has its own touchpad.

The touch panels on the “legs” clearly respond to touches, adjust the sound control, rewind tracks, call the voice assistant and pause the music volume with single, calling and triple clicks, as well as by swiping the listener up and down.

Control can be customized upon request by the EarFun Audio app, which is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

It also has an equalizer, the ability to rename the headphones, a triple-tap or long-tap action setting on the touch sensations on the right and left headphones, and the activation of Game Mode.

Activating game mode reduces audio latency in mobile games and when watching videos by up to 80 milliseconds. In my subjective opinion, enabling or disabling this add-on does not look like anything – the sound is already transmitted without delay and out of sync, thanks to Bluetooth 5.2 technologies.

The mobile application is as concise as possible, although not Russified.

The equalizer is disabled by default, but can automatically increase the frequency or speed from preset presets to choose from: more bass, less bass, more high or less high.

Getting used to the touch display is surprisingly easy: There were never false positives, even when the headphones were hidden under the cap.

The only negative is that the Air Pro SV does not have an auto-pause function, that is, if you get one or both headphones out of your ears, the music plays. I do not consider this critical, given how much these headphones cost, but I mention what I consider necessary.

Most importantly, how

The weight of the headphones with the case is only 53 grams. Can be hidden in any pocket.

Inside the Air Pro SV, 10mm composite drivers are installed, so the sound sounds natural and clear. The audio also showed noise reduction and custom EQ enabled or disabled, so I listened to a combination of music in those features.

With the equalizer and noise reduction turned off, the Air Pro SV sound is quite bright, with a predominance of high and medium frequencies. The bass is tight for in-ears, but is slightly charged. To fix this, it is enough to activate the preset bass preset in the application, and then easily reduce it to an increase in comfort level.

Equalizer settings and game mode.

If you turn on the noise canceler, which is sharpened not only to block extraneous sounds, but also to muffle wind noise, the brightness of the high frequencies fades, although not critically. The sound still feels coherent, and sounds are not felt in an unintelligible cacophony even when listening to instrumental ballads.

The noise canceler itself performs its function well, it has been tested in the Moscow metro. However, the sounds of some cities can still break through the electronics: there are signs of six microphones that should pick up speech during telephone conversations.

Surprisingly, only in these rumors did I hear the first sounds of the organs of the famous track How old am I again from Blink-182. Did you know that this pop punk has a classic sound organ? That’s what I didn’t notice. And in Air Pro SV with the equalizer turned off, I heard it for the first time in my life.

Let these headphones not detect aptX, aptX HD or LDAC codecs, limiting themselves to AAC and SBC, considering that this is quite enough for the Air Pro SV. They allow you to hear the new ones in the tracks that have been heard to the holes, and this is an excellent result.

Verdict: Great headphones for every day

Great headphones for your money.

To put it bluntly, it’s hard to find wireless earbuds under $50 that can compete with the EarFun Air Pro SV in terms of both functionality and design.

I liked the build quality, the aluminum lid with a window, the presence of a case in a case, a decent sound for the perception of compositions of various genres, and a good, for its price, active noise reduction.

Recall that the Air Pro SV does not have an auto-pause function when the headphones are pulled out of the ears, and there is also no support for a large number of codecs. But Air Pro SV is not detected to detect uncompressed songs. I have been enjoying songs only from Apple Music for a long time and the EarFun headphones do an excellent job.

So today the medal for the combination of “price and quality» I give EarFun Air Pro SV. If you are looking for inexpensive, but high-quality headphones with all the meanings, sincerely pay attention and listen to these.

I’m sure you’ll love them as much as I did.

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