Retail chains will not be able to fine manufacturers for disrupting retail orders. The Federal Antimonopoly Service is ready to support food suppliers and amend the trade law, according to a letter from the Ministry of Agriculture to the State Duma.

Retail chains will not be able to fine manufacturers for disrupting retail orders.

The modifications should apply only to those cases in which the date for the fulfillment of the obligations has not been previously agreed, writes Izvestia.

Retailers can penalize suppliers 20%, 50%, and sometimes 100% of the cost of products. Now the situation is no better: fines can reach tens of millions of rubles, and often several percent of revenue, a source among the providers told the publication.

During the pandemic, retail chains and their partners have already agreed to a moratorium on fines, which was supported only by the biggest players. 2022 events are not inferior to covid restrictions.

The President of the Presidium of the Association of Retail Companies (AKORT), Igor Karavaev, emphasized that the permanent fixing of the moratorium on the regulatory basis will lead to an imbalance in the market, on the side of the retail link and in the supply chain. Past experience of such a measure during the pandemic and last spring resulted in a noticeable decline in the level of service from providers.


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Source: RB

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