If there is something that stands out in it Spotify shows how much each user ‘understands’ what they like. But every once in a while, he messes things up and does things. Artists you don’t want to pay the slightest attention to you should listen to them. Well then, we will show you the options included in the app for mobile devices (phones or tablets). just avoid it.

The truth is that the company that owns the world’s most widely used streaming service has just exceeded 200 million, considering this possibility and making offers. some tools that fit exactly what you need. In the meantime, you will have to do everything with tracks or data that are not in a playlist because in this case you have to first remove the ones you don’t like from that place and then move on with the possibilities. you come let’s comment

Two options Spotify offers to customize

It’s great to be able to point out a song or artist you like—and it’s very important that the platform knows exactly what to offer you. But, definitely, when you have a period where this sneaks up on you An artist you hate with all your might, did you think it would be good to be able to state that you don’t like this artist?. Well, even if you don’t know it, there is a possibility.

For example, when a song sounds too boring or simply looks bad to you, all you have to do is access it from the mobile terminal (smartphone or tablet, computer clients). it is not possible to do this) to the screen showing active playback. Click on the three dots in the upper right area and then you enter a section with different possibilities. one of these is called hide song and that’s what you should use. By doing this you will not suffer any more.

Hide song in Spotify app

Smart Life

Also with the artists

Likewise if you access an artist’s profile we will not name it, you don’t want to know anything else about it, you have to choose Don’t listen to this artist. By doing this, they understand that you don’t want anything else suggested from them on Spotify, and therefore nothing that is posted to discover new musicals doesn’t even make it into playlists that are automatically created for you. possibilities.

One important thing you should know, You can undo the settings you have made on both artists and songs, so Spotify has thought of all the options to tailor the service to what you need.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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