An ITMO doctoral student has developed a simulator prosthesis for post-stroke rehabilitation and restoration of muscle activity in cerebral palsy. A feature of the device is its compact size, which allows you to use it at home.

ITMO PhD student develops simulator prosthesis for post-stroke rehabilitation at home

The ITMO University press service reported on the creation of the RB.RU prosthesis.

The development of ITMO PhD student Artem Meinov is a programmable portable prosthesis simulator for developing arm muscle activity. It consists of special clamps that are attached to the shoulder and forearm, as well as a controller, a screen with a keyboard for setting the parameters, and a servomotor. The fixed arm prosthesis puts inactive parts of the body in motion.

The author of the project noted that the peculiarity of its development is its compactness and convenience, which allows it to be used at home. Scientific supervisor Artem Meinova stressed that in the future the technology could be adapted to the muscles and joints of the legs.

“The simulator prosthesis has every chance of entering the market. In addition, some practicing physicians and manufacturers of medical equipment have already expressed interest in the development,” said Igor Bessmertny, supervisor of the postgraduate student, professor at ITMO’s Faculty of Software Engineering and Information Technology.

It was difficult for the scientist to name the expected price of the prosthesis, but noted that it would be several times lower than that of analogues.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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