In January 2023, the trading volume on the SPB Exchange increased 1.5 times to $4.7 billion, six times less than last year’s figures. The number of transactions in the first month of the new year also increased compared to January, up to 2.85 million.

Trading volume of foreign securities increased by 1.5 times on SPB Exchange

Investors continue to be interested in the stock market of friendly countries: now almost 80 Hong Kong shares are traded on the stock exchange, including Alibaba Group, Tencent, China Construction Bank Corporation, PetroChina Company, Aluminum Corporation of China, he writes. Kommersant.

When trading shares of companies from hostile countries, investors face increased risks: possible freezing of assets of Russian investors against the background of sanctions, world recession, etc.

The experts explain the growth of the indicators in January by the situation of the world stock markets. The drop compared to the previous year is also due to the geopolitical situation, and may also be associated with the introduction of restrictions for unqualified investors.

The Bank of Russia’s decision to restrict the access of unqualified investors to buy securities from “unsympathetic” issuers had a significant negative impact on the business of SPB Exchange, said Artem Autlev, an analyst at Ingosstrakh Investments.

According to Tsifra Broker forecasts, in February billing will grow compared to January, although it will be significantly lower than last year.


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