In 2022, Russian operators have reduced the volume of base station installations by 60%. The shortage of foreign equipment had the strongest effect: stocks were used to repair existing networks and new ones were hardly implemented. At the same time, the transmission speed decreased slightly, due to the reduction in traffic volumes, the experts suggested.

Russian operators reduced installation volumes of new base stations by 60%

In 2022, traffic increased by 30%, while during the 2020 pandemic, the growth was 80%, Kommersant reported in Telecom Daily.

According to Telecom Daily CEO Denis Kuskov, if that indicator were now, the data transfer rate would have fallen further. However, due to the reduction in traffic volumes, the strength of the networks is still sufficient, which makes it possible to gradually switch to Russian equipment.

The Ministry of Digital Development announced that they are implementing measures to support telecom manufacturers and operators to meet the need for the required number of base stations.

In May 2022, against the background of a shortage of network equipment, Russian mobile operators planned to purchase used foreign equipment. Such a decision should help fill the shortage of base stations.

Used stations could overcome the shortage of infrastructure equipment amid sanctions, but that solution could not fully address the shortage of new base stations.


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Source: RB

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