It seems that Apple is not good enough with the Pro series when it comes to offering different options in its own range. We say this because it is believed that the Cupertino company had the idea of ​​​​a launch. new model what was it called iPhone Ultra and what would be most differential this has driven the firm to date.

It’s clear that offering different options across the Apple phone range is something the North American company is looking for more than expected. The latest presentation of the iPhone, where the pros have so many different options, is a clear example of this, that if we are talking about the Android market, this could almost be a new smartphone. And the company led by Tim Cook apparently believes that they still have space to occupy, and that is especially the domain of premium models.… and correspondingly more expensive.

When will the iPhone Ultra be released?

Well, this is one of the remarkable things, because according to known data, the company would have already made the decision to activate the terminal some time ago. that means they would do more than prepare everything for the model to become official in 2024.. In other words, it will be part of the iPhone 15 series, and therefore, one more step is taken at the moment so that there are at least six variants of the famous Apple phone. It’s likely that this number will cause Tim Cook to think a lot about the direction the company is going.

The gray design of the iPhone 14 Pro


One of the biggest differences the iPhone Ultra will have compared to the rest of the Apple phone lineup will be in the main camera. That would be much better and probably terminal selected to include a periscope type lens will be There’s been a lot of talk lately – always in connection with Apple. That way, there wouldn’t be Pro models that would use it, something that could make a lot of sense if you take into account how the company with the bitten apple has behaved since launching several models of the same phone. Sunday.

Also, a bigger screen (reaching 6.8 inches isn’t something that looks particularly crazy) and may even be the model chosen for iPhone use. titanium as chassis fabrication material. Therefore, we are talking about a device that will have differential options and the latest technological developments from Apple.

A price that might be crazy…

All that is expressly stated is that a new terminal, if it reaches the market almost crazy price. Obviously, there is no data on this subject, but it is not unreasonable to think that it may be very close to 2.000 Euros, or even a little over. That’s why Apple is very clear that with the iPhone Ultra it is heading for the most premium market. Whether it shoots now remains to be seen, but this company generally does not shoot lead-free.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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