WhatsApp States first appeared in 2017. Since then, the function has not changed much. Now, almost six years after its release, the company introduced several new products to refresh the experience of the States. With them, they promise to help you “more easily express yourself and connect with others,” as they comment in their official blog.

In this case, WhatsApp confirms five different features in their states. From reactions to voice states, through aesthetic and functional improvements. All of these features promise to improve the way you’ve already used WhatsApp States since it launched.

WhatsApp continues to improve its platform. Most recently, we took a look at 6 new features Meta is preparing for their instant messaging app. Although it took a while for the service to catch up with its competitors in terms of features, they seem determined to do soand this review of the states is part of the strategy.

Whatsapp status is updated

Whatsapp new states

voice states. This is probably the newest feature of all. Previously, you were already able to share images, videos, GIFs, and text in your WhatsApp states. Well, from now on, voice recordings up to 30 seconds are also added. So, if you’re more comfortable sharing your experiences through oral storytelling, you now have that option.

status rings. This is another of the main characteristics that presents us with new items on an aesthetic and functional level. With status rings, you can quickly see which of your contacts have shared new messages without even leaving the Chats tab. If you see a photo of one of them circled – green on Android and blue on iOS – you just need to tap it to display the status uploaded by that person.

link preview. When you share links in your WhatsApp states, they will no longer appear as a line of text. Instead, you and your contacts will get a preview of what’s online. Thus, we see not only improvements in the functional part, knowing what the link contains before opening it, but also the aesthetic improvement of the application.

closed or open selector. With the new selector, it’s much easier and faster to choose which contacts you want to show a particular post to before downloading it. The last setting will be saved.

new reactions. Quickly respond to the status of your friends and contacts with the new reactions that WhatsApp has included in its app. Just swipe up on the status and select the emoji you want to send. A feature inherited from Instagram.

If you don’t already have the described features, don’t worry. Although WhatsApp has already published an update for its states, deployment can take weeks to cover all users.

Source: Hiper Textual

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