The drop in sales of trade and manufacturing enterprises of small and medium-sized enterprises in 2022 amounted to 1.5% compared to 2021, according to data from the MySklad service, which RB.RU learned. During the year, consumers lived in savings mode, but in November-December there was a rebound in sales.

Small and medium-sized businesses rebounded in fall 2022 on November-December sales growth: study

Retail sales showed a 7% drop at the end of the year. The strongest drop is observed in online stores: 11%. Wholesale trade and markets showed positive dynamics: 3% and 9%, respectively.

Analysts studied the turnover of more than 26 thousand companies, existing customers, representatives of small and medium-sized businesses throughout the Russian Federation that sell products in retail and online. We separately study retail stores, wholesalers, online stores, and marketplaces. All figures are calculated taking into account inflation of 12%.

The study notes that in 2022, consumers reacted strongly to political and economic events. The demand peak occurred in March due to the fall of the ruble and the desire to have time to buy products from companies that announced their withdrawal. April and May showed low demand, in summer there were still few purchases.

In September there was a small increase in sales. In November and December there was a sharp increase in buying activity. The factors that stimulated purchases in November were Black Friday and market promotions.

  • Sales growth in November and December offset the year-end drop, making it negligible. Thus, in November, market sales increased by 27% compared to October and 41% compared to July. The turnover of companies listed on the markets increased by 15% in November-December compared to the same period in 2021.
  • Online stores also increased their turnover in December and November compared to other months in 2022: an increase in November compared to October was 18%. However, compared to last year, turnover decreased by 9%. A similar situation was observed in wholesale and retail sales.

In the Moscow region, the turnover of retail outlets fell in 2022 by 5%, in Moscow – by 11%, in the Leningrad region – by 1%, in St. Petersburg – by 12%.


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Source: RB

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