WhatsApp will add a new and expected function to groups, which one?

Developing News for WhatsApp app it is fixed and has nothing to do with what happened just two or three years ago (when new functions appeared in droppers). The truth is that a new one is known that the messaging client we are talking about will have and is definitely new and useful.

What they are now working on at the company owned by Meta is to add a function for groups that will make voice communication between different people much more comfortable. what’s this not on Telegram (which is why WhatsApp takes the lead here), it’s almost a more typical Zoom or Google Meet, but the truth is it opens up a wider and even professional range of uses with it. we are talking about call scheduling.

How will the scheduling of calls be on WhatsApp?

This will not be difficult, because when you are in a group, simply click on the icon in the form of a phone and at that moment the new schedule option will appear with the option to make calls. . Then, simplicity will note dominant as stated in the information source. In addition, and it should be noted that at the moment there are at least 32 people who can connect at the same time, so we are talking about a very useful possibility in groups of friends, family or work.

New calling program in WhatsApp groups


Among the options that programming allows specify the day and timeHow could it be otherwise? In addition, when the screenshot of the shared and new WhatsApp function is examined, it seems that this feature has been confirmed.Group s participants are prompted to create a program at the same time the number of calls and also the moments before they are executed. That’s why alert options have been added that users will definitely appreciate.

The arrival of this new function

As always, this new possibility Activated earlier in the trial version of WhatsApp, especially on Android, so you can control shrinkage if it’s there. Obviously, this means that there is no function available to everyone at the moment. So it remains a little patient and hopeful that the tests will come back positive for this option to reach implementation as soon as possible, which differs according to Telegram as we mentioned earlier.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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