Defense contractor Raytheon BBN has been commissioned by DARPA to develop augmented reality with MAGIC AI to help medical professionals more effectively assist the wounded on the battlefield.

The fact is that in one case or another there were sick doctors who were at risk of a disease that did not have a sufficient predisposition to specialized types of medical care. MAGIC AI will teach them how to perform up to fifty different processes.

MAGIC AI is a VR glasses equipped with audio and video sensors that are part of the “hint”.

Raytheon BBN explained that this will be possible after MAGIC AI takes a machine learning course, which includes mastering the necessary skills based on 2,500 videos and about 50 million. Images.

On completion the day before In particular, the device can offer various schemes of care and treatment with simultaneous fixation of time and dosages of the drug. medicines.

Source: Tech Cult

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