You may be considering renewing apple smart watch what you have and therefore you intend to wait arrival of the new Apple Watch Ultra. Well, if you’re in this situation, there’s news that suggests you’ll have to wait a little longer than you’d like to buy the next-gen wearables we’re talking about.

In this way, the new generation of the most durable model, which was launched with the idea of ​​competing with the sportiest models of companies such as Garmin or Polar, will not be. until the year 2024. In other words, the product’s arrival has been delayed a bit longer than originally thought, as multiple reports suggest that the Cupertino company will launch its new iteration of the most distinctive smartwatch currently on the market. Sunday.

This is a bigger screen for the Apple Watch

This is one of the innovations that the device in question may include is that it will grow until it reaches the size of the screen. 2.13 inches. Maybe too big for some, because unless you have a bunny hidden inside your Apple hat it will take up a lot of space on the wrist (we always talk in terms of design). In addition, there is no loss of image quality as the pixel density will remain at the perfect level. 315dpi (this means a resolution of about 540 x 440 pixels). It is clear that with this device there will be no problem in reading content from the signature of the bitten apple.

Apple Watch Ultra with different straps


One of the additional changes that could be part of the new Apple Watch Ultra 2 will feature a MicroLED panel with more than 80,000 chips, i.e. a excellent sensitivity while still able to handle very high brightness. Meanwhile, improvements in the durability of the smartwatch are expected to make it much more attractive to sports lovers.

This smart watch does not come alone

According to the published information, the traditional Apple Watch model to accompany the new Ultra would also have a larger screen. would be about two inches, therefore the increase in their size will be very significant. Also new wearable It could be called the X Series – taking advantage of the fact that it will be the tenth product of the smartwatch currently dominating the market. By the way, since the panels used in this model will be OLED LPTO, its quality will be indisputable.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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