While on the internet some brag a sign of a new feature of their iPhonesshowing how when you exit any application to the desktop from the “bangs” you beautifully return the Apple logo, I tell you a simple map on how to do the same on your smartphone.

No additional tools or applications are excluded. Enough minutes of free time and a lot of impressions on your friends.

So, how to add a moving “apple” to the smartphone screen: I show you step by step.

Picture, straight arms and a little patience

This effect will work on iPhones with iOS 7 and higher installed, so I won’t even write “make sure you have the latest version of the operating system“. Just pick up your iPhone and do the following:

1. One-color wallpapers appear. Preferably such, at the top of the light. Personally, I usually use the free application Vellum Wallpapers to select such wallpapers.

2. Go to this page and copy the Apple logo. He us more often.

3. Open the protected wallpaper in the Photos app and click Edit with area access right.

4. Click the pencil icon in the right corner, then click the “+” in the right corner and select Text.

5. Paste the copied apple logo into the remaining field, edit its position. This is the most likely part, try to keep the logo in the middle of the image and not get too “stuck” on the edge extraction. Consider the size of the notch or dynamic island on the latest iPhone.

6. Click “Done” in the access right, and then in the right right. Open the picture in full screen, make sure that the “apple” is located the way you like. If not, point 3 and in the recipe move the apple to full aesthetic compliance.

7. Apply a picture as wallpaper for your Home screen. Don’t turn on the blur effect.

Done, now when you receive any application on your desktop, you will have a beautiful Apple logo at the top of the screen.

Video instruction:

Important: If it doesn’t work, check that you don’t have “Reduce Motion” enabled in Settings > Accessibility > Motion.

This is how easy it is to upgrade your home screen. When transferring the apple logo, you can replace it with anything: an emoji, a word, or even a whole phrase. It all depends on the imagination.

And if you are too lazy – here is my pack of five wallpapers with the “apple” already installed. Just post and use.

Source: Iphones RU

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