90 hours of battery, noise cancellation and HD audio for only 55 euros

These headband-type headphones have insane autonomy and brutal sound quality.

The battery of these bluetooth headphones is insane and the volume is on par with other models over 150 euros.

If you are looking for a good bluetooth headset with a headband like the AirPods MAX, very high autonomy, noise canceling for calls and a very comfortable design, these Ankbit earbuds are what you need. Today Ankbit E500Pro has a great discount and you can just buy them 69 55 Euros on Amazon. It’s not a monstrous discount, but you won’t find anything similar at this price.

Ankbit signature portable audio specialist And these headphones are super comfortable with a foldable headband for easy portability. owner physical buttons to control volume and noise cancellation. Its connection with Bluetooth 5.0 is wireless and its pads are extremely comfortable.

Ankbit E500Pro

Buy a good bluetooth headset with 90 hours of battery life for 55 euros

We all know that Apple has the AirPods MAX as one of the best audio advocates on the market, but we have to admit it too cost more than one of usand that they are more expensive headphones than AirPods MAX. However, there are some options on the market that can outperform you for much less money, and sometimes outperform you in certain ways. I would buy this Ankbit E500Pro today Blindfolded for 55 Euros For all these reasons:

Ankbit E500Pro

Ankbit headphones are foldable and have physical buttons.

  • nice battery: insert a battery for 90 hours of continuous useWe have never seen this before in any other model of any brand. Of course, autonomy may decrease up to 60 hours if we enable noise canceling Always. However, the 24-hour duration of AirPods MAX is very short compared to this model. Additionally, we have fast chargingWith 5 minutes of connection, we gain an extra 5 hours of use.
  • Noise and cancellation on calls: her noise canceling enabled, this is because the headphones themselves have a frequency emission system that cancels out the others. You can activate until during the interview so sounds take priority or during music or movie playback, so you are quite isolated and can minimize the irritating noise from outside. Reduces ambient noise up to 95%.
  • brutal quality: have some 40mm drivers This will help make the sound much wider than on-ear or in-ear headphones. works with Low Energy Bluetooth 5.0 and handles wireless processing of SBS and AAC codecs. up to 320kbpsThe highest quality of Spotify Premium.

  • dual link: In addition to being able to use them wirelessly, we also waste the battery, 3.5mm Jack port for use with cable and don’t waste too much battery. This helps us when the helmets have very little battery left and there are no sockets nearby. Also for faster wireless pairing have NFC.

Ankbit E500Pro

In addition to all this, the Ankbit E500Pro is quite comfortable. crown length adjustable and adaptable to any head size. The pads are very comfortable, made of viscoelastic sponge. Drivers are capable rotate up to 90 degrees, so that it can be stored flattened. These helmets have a maximum range of about 20 meters and come with a comfortable carrying case that protects them from scratches.

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