The logic of the ransomware “Mortal Kombat” differs from the classical approaches, but is built on the old fivenge. The user receives an email from the crypto exchange CoinPayments. It notifies the potential victim that “the payment has timed out.” In writing, the number of a certain assessment. When writing to it, a ransomware application is downloaded to the computer, which encrypts the user’s data, or a crypto-skimmer that depletes his crypto wallet.

Cyber ​​security experts install with cisco talos be aware that this attack is not aimed at the right users, n, nr The first purchases were made at the end of 2022. All their actions are an important detail – the requirements of the hackers are set out in a note on the theme of wallpaper with scenes from the game Mortal Kombat 11.

Another attack could be downloading the Laplas Clipper cryptocurrency skimmer. A special algorithm quietly replaces data for cryptocurrency transactions, so that users redirect money to hackers, believing that they are using their wallets. The largest number of participants is affected by users from shsh, but the potential danger of sets is eliminated. In order not to fall a victim of this attack, you should be more careful and be aware of the ecze or experience of reading electronic pop music.

Mortal KombatMap of recorded Mortal Kombat attacks

Source: Tech Cult

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