RB.RU, together with the Moscow Center for Innovative Health Technologies (Medtech.moscow), is launching HealthTech Map, an interactive guide to Russian medical technology projects.

RB.RU presents HealthTech Map

Medtech is a place where Moscow doctors, research teams and start-ups work together to accelerate the implementation of innovative solutions in the city’s healthcare. Among the residents there are companies that develop technologies that can be applied in urban medical organizations in the future.

2022 has become a turbulent year for many business areas in Russia, including medicine. Thus, investments in the HealthTech sector in 2021 amounted to $147.3 million, and last year – only $28.1 million. The total volume of venture capital transactions in Russia fell by 3.5 times.

However, it is important to note that towards the end of the year, investment activity increased considerably. The largest operation of the year for the entire Russian company took place in October: then the Interros holding invested a billion rubles in the BestDoctor service.

In December, the NTI Foundation invested 325 million rubles in the developer of digital operating rooms MVS, and a month earlier, the Gemotest Laboratory acquired a stake in the digital oncology startup OneCell (the amount of the transaction was not disclosed).

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Also among the important events are the purchase of the medical software developer Unim by the investment subsidiary of the Tashir company, investments in the amount of 50 million rubles in Histograph from HSCI and an investment in the amount of 150 million rubles. rubles at the company Yakut Cyberia. .

Patient services are the most popular area to invest in HealthTech. From 2014 to 2022, they accounted for 44% of all transactions in healthcare. 17% are telemedicine and health insurance solutions, 7% are artificial intelligence.

RB.RU together with Medtech.moscow presents a map of the most promising areas and projects in Russian HealthTech. The main criteria for entering the map were: innovation, activity in social networks, stage of development of the project not lower than MVP, as well as the presence of production and/or headquarters in Russia.

We will tell you more about the segmentation, the blocks and the companies that are represented there.

Disclaimer: the criteria for adding to the map, the structure, as well as the projects themselves were selected and established by the Moscow Center for Innovative Technologies in Health.

Omix Technologies

Omix technologies are one of the main tools of genomic and post-genomic medicine. These technologies build on the achievements of genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics, the sciences that study the structure of the genome.

This section includes companies and holdings that develop solutions to test and diagnose diseases based on the human genome.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is actively used for more accurate diagnosis and to make the correct diagnosis; these technologies are commonly called DSS (medical decision support systems).

Key players in this direction in Russia are Celsus, Third Opinion, Webiomed, IRA Labs, Medical Neuronets, OneCell, Unim and other solutions.

Another area of ​​use for AI is the development of new drugs. So, the map shows the Syntelly project – this platform predicts the physical properties of chemical compounds.


Generics account for 68% of all drug sales in Russia. The manufacturers of such drugs were not listed on our map, regardless of their production volumes and annual turnover.

The Moscow Center for Innovative Technologies in Health Care selected the most innovative and significant companies for the development of the entire drug market in the country. Such companies include HSCI, Fusion Pharma, PharmaDiol and others.


The largest section of the map, which features digital services for analyzing drug procurement, monitoring patients with chronic diseases, improving the quality of clinical services, training medical workers, and other useful solutions from Russian companies.

Innovative projects in the field of HealthTech on a map

In this section, the user will find a variety of projects, from online consultation services with psychologists to medical information systems.

medical devices

Another large section of the map, which includes more than 40 projects from various areas:

  • medical assistants;

  • medical devices;

  • hardware complexes;

  • Dental products.


A section of the map dedicated to companies that develop solutions for rehabilitation.

Here the user will find projects such as SensoRehub (a complex for the rehabilitation of fine motor skills of the hand after a stroke), i-Brain (a neural interface with artificial intelligence for the rehabilitation of people with movement disorders), Steps Rehabili (a simulator interactive with more than 150 thousand combinations of exercises for motor, speech and psychological rehabilitation) and others.

Prostheses, implants and materials for regeneration

In Russia, there are several key players that develop and manufacture high-tech limb prostheses: Motorika, MaxBionic, SalyutOrto.

At the same time, the section “Prosthetics, implants and materials for regeneration” also contains other companies working in this direction: manufacturers of hearing aids, additive intervertebral cages, dental implants, etc.


Biobanks are still only an emerging field in Russia, which is mainly represented by NASBIO, the National Association of Biobanks and Biobank Specialists.

medical diagnoses

Participants in this section specialize in the production of laboratory test systems, reagents, diagnostic kits, as well as devices for various types of diagnostics.

Health Tech Card

Many projects that participate in the map in this section are residents of Medtech.Moscow. Among them are the developer and manufacturer of enzymes and reagent kits for molecular diagnostics “Singen”, a compact, automated and high-performance device of Russian design for rapid diagnosis of infections outside the Blitz laboratory and a test system that allows to determine the Rh factor of the fetus by the blood of a pregnant woman “TestGen” .


A small section dedicated to manufacturers of innovative disposable consumables: wound dressings, ECG and ultrasound gels, suture materials and similar products.

Notable projects include NAPOLI, a manufacturer of innovative dressings for the treatment of wounds of various etiologies, as well as Kryofit, a company that creates a biomedical product for the treatment of burns and long-term wounds that do not heal.

Among the participants in this section there is also a system for minimally invasive and painless intradermal administration of vaccines and a drug with control over dosage and depth of penetration Skinport.


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