if there is something clear in the segment electric cars Tesla has more and more competition. An example is an announcement that follows newly released news published roughly a year ago: already There is a date for the release of the first model of the Honda and Sony collaboration.. Therefore, another stone appears in front of the company led by Elon Musk.

First of all, at an event led by Sony CEO (Kenichiro Yoshida) at CES in Las Vegas, The vehicle we are talking about will have the name: Afeela. this will be one four-door sedan this could be seen in the scene itself. Therefore, the design is no longer a secret, and the fact is that the car is really attractive.

A great set of sensors in this Sony car

taking into account Honda contributes its experience and manufacturing capability, and Sony shares everything about technology.. Things are looking particularly good with this collaboration. Thus, for example, Afeela It will have a total of 45 elements (between camera and sensors) Inside and outside the vehicle to provide excellent safety and comfort. Even these will have level 3 autonomous driving from the get-go – that is, with certain limitations but highly advanced, so they can work in situations like traffic jams.

All sensors and cameras of the Sony Homda Afeela electric car


Another great attraction this model will have will be anything related to entertainment, which is increasingly important in the motor industry. Thus, for example, in Afeela It will have a system that can run graphics in three dimensions., so that it will be possible to play advanced games to enjoy high-quality multimedia content – note the cooperation with Epic Games here. Meanwhile, all this will also be used to optimize everything related to communication and security.

The arrival dates of this new car

This was another of the big innovations in the presentation and it came as quite a surprise. Sony executives were not expected to specify the specified times to be able to do this. buy Afela In the market. But by chance they already know each other: orders can be placed in the first half of 2025, with first sales the same year. Shipments are determined for 2026, and the first place chosen for this purpose is the USA.

In short, more wood for the electric car market which is clearly an important pillar in the motor world. And because of this, everyone wants their share of the cake…which is not good for Tesla. But that’s how things are.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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