The study involved 20 healthy men aged 18-50 years, which consisted of two separate phases. During the meat phase, study participants consumed 240 grams of red and processed meats, including beef steak, pork sausage, and ham slices, each day for two weeks. In the mycoprotein phase, they consumed the same weight of mycoproteins over a separate two-week period.

Analysis of stool and urine samples taken during the mycoprotein consumption phase showed that the detected genotoxin level was significantly reduced. Conversely, results from the meat phase showed increased levels of genotoxins, potentially increasing the long-term risk of bowel cancer.

The mycoprotein diet significantly improved gut health by significantly reducing levels of harmful genotoxins as well as increasing protective bacteria such as Lactobacilli, Roseburia and Akkermansia.

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Source: Ferra

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