One of the coolest features of Instagram, the ability to archive stories, may soon get an interesting new feature. According to the developer Alessandro Paluzziplatform owned by Meta working on publishing story right in the filewithout having to publish it publicly first.

At this time, let’s remember, you can only archive Instagram Stories if they’re first shared on a profile, either publicly or through the Best Friends section. You also need to wait 24 hours for them to be stored in the archive forever.. However, with the new feature, the user will be able not to publish the story and store it directly in the archive.

To do this, you will need to go to the stories section, take a photo, video or select a multimedia file from the gallery, and Click on the arrow that appears at the bottom of the screen.

As Paluzzi showed in the screenshot, Instagram will show different options. Among them, one to post the story directly to the profile or best friends, as well as direct storage option story in file. Presumably, with this last option selected, the application will be stored directly in the profile and will be visible when accessing the profile, clicking on the top menu and entering the “File” section.

It will soon be possible to shoot a story without posting it on Instagram.


Although Paluzzi does not reveal any details about this feature, the ability to store story directly in the file can be especially useful for highlighting stories on your profile without publicly sharing them.. Thus, only those users who have direct access to the profile will see the history.

Instagram also seems to be working on the possibility share the story only with those users that the person followsj. This option will also be available in the menu that appears before the post is posted. story.

It is not clear, yes, whether both this one and the one that allows you to publish a story directly to the archive will be available soon. Instagram, in fact, may soon launch the ability to pay a monthly fee in exchange for getting a verification badge on a profile, which is already possible on Twitter via Twitter Blue.

Source: Hiper Textual

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