iPhone 15

Apple already has TSMC’s A17 Bionic chips for the iPhone 15

The company requested TSMC to stop the production of the processor.

According to TrendForce, the iPhone 15 Pro series will have 8 GB of RAM
A TSMC employee checks the quality of some chips at the company’s facilities

Apple is entering the production phase of the new iPhone 15 smartphone series.TSMC started production of the 3 nanometer A17 Bionic processors at the end of December 2022, and as of today, Apple already has enough orders Wants to focus on the next task. In fact, he asked TSMC to stop shipments.

Information from DigiTimes shows that Apple has received first-round orders for 3-nanometer processors, which will be used in the production of A17 Bionic and M3 chips for the iPhone 15 and MacBook Air, respectively.

TSMC has already provided Apple with the initial supply of the A17 Bionic and M3 processors.

Apple already has 100% of the processors needed to start producing the future iPhone 15 product line and MacBook Air laptops. the company will have Exclusivity of the 3 nanometer processdespite the huge economic investment this requires.

Mass production of TSMC processors started at the end of December 2022, as predicted. To provide all processor supply for Apple They decided to increase the capacity of their facilities to meet the demand.

iPhone 15 Pro

Apple may start producing the iPhone 15 very soon

TSMC’s 3 nanometer chips are initially iPhone 15 Pro and for iPhone 15 Pro Max (Ultra)as well as the MacBook Air, which is said to launch in the second half of this year.

This kind of 3nm technology in the manufacturing process of processors means the chips will deliver. 35% energy efficiency. It’s a piece of information that will agree with the rumor that the new iPhone 15 will improve not so much in terms of power, but a lot in terms of battery.

As for the processors that the 2023 MacBook Air lineup will include, DigiTimes itself has reported that they will most likely feature an M2 processor. It’s the same chip found in the current generation MacBook Air. News that doesn’t make much sense unless it’s TSMC’s supply Limited to A17 Bionic chips Your iPhone 15.

On the other hand, there are analysts who assure that the new round of M3 chips will be ready for the next. MacBook Pro to be introduced in 2024. What do you think about this news?

Apple already has TSMC's A17 Bionic chips for the iPhone 15 iPhone 15

Brand view Release date 2023

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