Twitter CEO and owner Elon Musk continued layoffs at the company after he announced the end of the cuts, writes The Verge.

Musk resumes firings on Twitter

After leading the social network late last year, Musk dissolved the board of directors and fired up to half of the employees. Another part of the team went on their own, disagreeing with the new “hardcore” corporate culture of the company, announced by the businessman.

With up to two-thirds of the staff leaving Twitter, Musk announced a halt to layoffs. According to The Verge, the cuts continued into February of this year. Thus, Musk has already passed the third wave of layoffs.

In February, the jobs lost were mainly employees in the sales and engineering departments.

It was previously reported that starting March 20, two-factor authentication via SMS will be available only to owners of paid Twitter Blue accounts, one of Musk’s innovations. Regular account users are encouraged to use special apps for two-factor authentication.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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