AliExpress constantly appears interesting and useful things for every taste. Many of them are produced under the Xiaomi brand, although other varieties are produced. They attract attention with an optimal ratio of price and quality.

1. The smallest multiport hub for MacBook


A compact hub for any 2015-2016 and newer MacBook that solves the problem of using USB-A.

It is so small that it fits not only in a backpack or bag, but also in an “envelope” for carrying a computer.

True, the range of available ports is mediocre. One USB-C happens in 4 USB-A. This is where all the variety of the mixture ends. However, often this is enough.

▶︎ Price: 223 134 rub.

2. Baseus Macbook Elevator Stand


Apparently, the engineers are developing this package with the expectation of improved cooling of MacBook components with built-in ventilation.

However, as it turned out, often more convenient to work with a computer in a similar “raised” format. I am one of those users.

▶︎ Price: 1706 938 rub.

3. Xiaomi compact screwdriver with cue ball set


If Apple had a share of a screwdriver with a large set of cue balls for all occasionsshe did pretty much the same thing.

The set looks and feels great. The lid of the case, designed for storing and carrying a screwdriver with cue balls, has a magnetic mount.

By the way, the kit even includes cue balls that are suitable for disassembling Apple equipment. But not all.

▶︎ Price: 3436 2817 rub.

4. A set of home tools for everyone


A whole set of useful home tools, which includes a hammer, a couple of screwdrivers, a tape measure, pliers and a construction knife.

All the instruments are in black color and performed just fine. Judging by the reviews, the quality is very good.

▶︎ Price: 4235 2964 rub.

5. Telescopic “handle” with magnetic grip


“Pen” with a telescopic design and a magnetic tip that will help deliver metal objects from hard-to-reach places.

Even if such a thing is not needed right now, it will definitely come in handy. Plus, it costs a penny. I ordered myself.

▶︎ Price: 93 87 rub.

6. Xiaomi compact vacuum cleaner for home and car


Incredibly compact vacuum cleaner that help with cleaning. It will cope with the interior of the car, the entrance area to the kitchen, the kitchen room and the trash can after cooking.

I myself used a similar one, so I feel strongly. For the price, this is a great device.

However, you don’t have to expect much from him. Cleaning the whole apartment with him will definitely not work, even with a large income. Such a suitable one should be taken as a replacement for a scoop with a broom.

▶︎ Price: 5388 4310 rub.

7. Baseus compact power supply with GaN


At Baseus, the mass really accumulates GaN-enabled power supplies. However, against the background of the rest, this interesting design makes it possible install it in a tight space.

Just look at the photo: the adapter can be placed on a table, sofa or other furniture. Plus, it has interchangeable plugs for outlets from different countries.

I’m already ordering.

▶︎ Price: 3912 rub.

8. Xiaomi portable wireless speaker with IPX7


The blue one doesn’t look that great to me, but the black one is just gorgeous. They write that it sounds very good. Plus IPX7 waterproof rating.

Obviously, there is no point in calculating an incredibly loud sound in case of use. Be that as it may, in order to fill the music with gatherings on the fresh sea, the device device will be quite enough.

▶︎ Price: 4248 3398 rub.

9. Xiaomi Power Bank 10000 mAh with Qi


Excellent 10000 mAh external battery in white or black with USB-A and USB-CThe standard also supports Qi wireless charging.

On the case there is a button for checking the charge level, as well as a diode indicator for the same purposes.

▶︎ Price: 2445 1956 rub.

10. ORICO Desk Hub with USB and Audio Ports


An ideal piece for office desks, held in a presentation with a “curtain” for organizing observation. With a similar accessory, it will turn out to be more original.

▶︎ Price: 2527 1592 rub.

11. Li-ion battery pack with USB-C


Rechargeable batteries are in AAA battery format, which can be downloaded via USB-C.

The ideal solution for remotes and other electronics at home or in the office.

▶︎ Price: 1252 500 rub.

12. Large organizer bag for sending and more


A really big bag for storing any small (and not so) accessories for all your equipment.

It is positioned as a road. However, it doesn’t hurt to just put all such things in it at home and no one hides it somewhere.

▶︎ Price: 1109 720 rub.

13. Bicycle smartphone holder


An excellent bike holder for a smartphone, the design of which is mainly made of metal. Judging by the reviews, it is quite high quality and reliable.

Most for spring.

The only thing you need to clarify is whether it is suitable for a smartphone sensor. Especially large gadgets may not be placed in it.

▶︎ Price: 1420 639 rub.

14. Xiaomi pocket printer for small photos


A great device for yourself and as a gift. It allows you to quickly print pictures are small from your smartphone.

Printed photos look great in a home album, on the wall near the desktop and on the refrigerator.

▶︎ Price: 5791 4632 rub.

15. Good Xiaomi metal pen


Metal handles that are promoted under the Xiaomi brand.

They have a swivel design, high-quality tumors and nice packaging. There is a clip for a notebook or a pocket.

▶︎ Price: 552 342 rub.

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