In the United States, the theft of iPhones in places has become more frequent, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Before decorating an iPhone, criminals follow the victim and try to peep the password on the lock screen. After that, they immediately steal the smartphone, sometimes snatching it from the owner’s hands.

One of the victims said that after stealing an iPhone, the thieves changed their Apple ID password after three minutes. They then stole dollars through Apple Pay by debiting the Apple Card. Transactions are confirmed with a passcode.

They often work in groups. For example, one person from the received victim, and the other writes down the password from the iPhone. Sometimes criminals come back to make friends in social networks, ask to open this application and at that moment spy on the password.

It is known that in Minnesota a gang of 12 people was recently detained, who were stealing iPhones in bars, having obtained an open password. The criminals stole $300,000 from 40 people.

Apple “empathizes with users” but does not yet know how to improve the protection of iPhones.

We sympathize with users who have encountered certain requirements and take all attacks against our users very seriously, no matter how rare. The thefts described are rare and require physical action – stealing the user’s device is not enough. We will implement safeguards to keep user accounts secure.


The password is often found among users who have not set up Face ID or Touch ID. Also, Face ID sometimes may not recognize a face, and at this moment you have to enter a password that criminals are watching. [The Wall Street Journal]

Source: Iphones RU

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