Avito shared statistics on sales of smartphones in Russia in the secondary market.

In 2022, smartphone sales on the platform grew by 27% last year. The growth trend continues to grow: in 2021, 11% more gadgets were sold than in 2020.

The share of new devices in the total number of sales on Avito increased by 130% over the year. The total market for new smartphones in 2022 was 26.5 million devices.

Average purchase price of mobile phones 19.7 thousand people rubles.

We recorded a significant growth in phone sales in March, after which the market stabilized. The next active phase of growth took place from July to December, with a significant jump in sales recorded in December. An important trend on the platform is an increase in the share of various devices in the total number of sales, which has grown by 130% over the year.

Global brand preferences have not changed, with the big three still in the lead: Apple (they account for more than half of the population), Samsung and Xiaomi. Interestingly, Xiaomi in 2022 found its gap with the Korean competitor by 2 percent points.

— Pavel Komarov, Head of the Household Appliances and Electronics category on Avito

Share of sales in quantitative terms by brand: Apple – 55%Samsung – 15%, Xiaomi – 13%, Honor – 5%, Huawei – 2%.

Source: Iphones RU

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