Who has never said phrases like: “Alexa, how’s the weather?”, “Hey Google, turn on the alarm clock at 6 am”, “Siri, what’s new?”?

These and other commands inside soundtargeting devices that can inside answer them They are reflections of the acceleration of recent times and digital transformation. Meanwhile, these technologies spanning the Internet of Things (IoT) are smarter and more accurate than ever before.

For example, Microsoft recently released a tool that can: inside imitate anyone sound based on a short sound inside exactly three seconds. new feature inside AI baptized inside According to Vall-E and the tech giant, inside;

“A neural codec language model”.

In addition inside reproduce sound and timbre inside The software preserves the emotional tone and acoustics of the room on any command, as in the original sound.

voice artificial intelligence

It is a fact that such technology could be useful in many applications: dubbing inside movies or to convey a message inside a holdersound in multiple languages. But, It is also valid to ask questions about possible harmful consequences. After all, in a world where cyberattacks are constantly being recorded, sound really safe insidethese ultra-tech assistants?

With have an idea, inside According to a survey by Checkpoint Software, Brazil has high inside 37% in number inside cyber attacks havethird quarter inside 2022. Already in 1. inside January and 3 inside August inside 2021, the country suffered more inside 439 thousand cyber attacks, 7.1% inside total inside It had 6.4 million performances worldwide.

So he took second place. You The biggest global destinations after the USA, which leads the ranking inside According to the report of specialist company Netscout, 1.33 million (21.7%).

significant numbers insidemore often ignored. So, back to the assistants’ scenario inside soundimagine technology being used to attribute the wrong speech to a politician or executive. inside for example a company. The problem gets bigger when we think about it. You Organization data may also be affected.

Finally, Nowadays, it is getting easier to access and share information.mainly through insideThese technologies are already trending insideinterior and exterior inside House. Maybe that’s why Microsoft hasn’t made the source code for Vall-E public, at least for now.

voice artificial intelligence

Few years ago,?Security Research Laboratories?(SR Labs), German group inside research and consultancy inside hacker, had already done tests inside attacks inside phishing This inside purposeful passive listening inside Evaluate vulnerabilities of devices running on it sound.

Many companies already working with these systems are constantly detecting bugs and vulnerabilities. Therefore, in addition to avoid any gaps inside want to know Which Opening or accepting documents is important in terms of knowing well the device or system, the Wi-Fi network to which it is connected, and also protecting it. You data with passwords, antivirus and updates that increase security inside all You devicein business.

Many administrators still do not insideLife attention to basic care for safety digital. The result of this insidedisaster because as long as they don’t care about all this insidecuts, You cyber criminalpeople perfect their methods inside daily attacks.

Therefore, relying on systems and companies that provide servicesYou Complete solutions for cybernetic protection are a great way out for individuals and small, medium and large companies alike.

In the face of non-stop technological evolution, it is worth implementing preventive measures. about this inside insideAdvantageous clothing in the face of possible digital security vulnerabilities that could harm insidevaluable

*Otto Pohlmann?This?CEO?from?Centered Solution, company inside technology that provides complete solutions?meet the needs inside security and LGPD,?focuses on practice, training and support to achieve inside help maintain insidedevelopment inside business inside all You sizes and sectors – email:?[email protected].

Source: Tec Mundo

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