MC “Finam” intends to register the first closed mining investment fund. The fund rules will be sent for approval to a specialized depositary after March 1. The fund will be available only to qualified investors with a minimum threshold of 300,000 rubles.

The first closed mining investment fund may appear on the Russian market

The company intends to attract 500 million rubles to the fund, and then establish an LLC with this money. One part of the funds will be used to buy mining equipment, while the other will be reserved to pay for electricity and maintain the fund, Kommersant reported.

The new company will not be directly involved in mining, but will rent the equipment, the cost of which will be tied to the bitcoin rate.

Finam’s offer is unique for the Russian market. BCS management companies Pervaya created only mutual funds focused on companies developing blockchain technology.

Two years ago, several MCs tried to register the fund rules for cryptocurrencies and their derivatives. However, the Central Bank reacted extremely negatively to this commitment and prohibited the inclusion of foreign crypto assets in mutual funds.

Interlocutors in the collective investment market believe that in recent years the Bank of Russia could soften its attitude towards at least mining, due to which the launch of a new fund may be approved.

Artem Mayorov, head of the asset management department at Ingosstrakh-Investments Management Company, added that if the regulator allows the product to enter the market, the company also plans to launch it.


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Source: RB

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