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As well as new generations of RaspBerry Pi.


It’s been 10 years since the Raspberry Pi first saw the light of day. And in that decade, the Raspberry Pi has done a lot of good for the computing ecosystem. It is used by programmers, children in educational schools and fans of retro games like console. He goes for almost everything.

In a recent interview, Raspberry Pi CEO Eben Upton talked about the future Raspberry Piaddressing semiconductor shortages and, most interestingly, the development of a new Raspberry Pi, a few years later with a 4th generation model.

After the pandemic and the subsequent shortage of chips and semiconductors, the Raspberry Pi has often been hard to come by. Luckily, these days are considered a relief, Upton says, because part of this minicomputer’s appeal has always been its low price.

Upton states in an interview: “I believe that in a year, hopefully, the Raspberry Pi will recover from the lingering effects of the Covid 19 pandemic.The CEO is confident that in less than a year Raspberry Pi stock levels should be back to pre-pandemic levels. case included.


Interview with Eben Upton, creator and CEO of the Raspberry Pi.

The next generation of Raspberry Pi is yet to come

Looking to the future, Upton briefly talks about the new Raspberry Pi products. The CEO refers to future products with more processing power, better graphics power, and more machine learning capabilities.

But unfortunately, Eben Upton stops to acknowledge that these products are equivalent to the Raspberry Pi 5… for now. In the meantime, we can look back at some of their latest releases, such as the Raspberry Pi Pico, a board that was immune to scarcity.

Or the RP2040, the first Raspberry Pi ASIC developed by the company, which was plentiful and gave creators a versatile chip to program with without hassle. And not only them, but also buyers who use it as a console thanks to its emulation capabilities.

From all this we get the news that the deficit is coming to an end and this is very welcome. As The Raspberry Pi truly offers the best user experience of any single board computer.largely thanks to the huge community and the desire to develop.

Source: Computer Hoy

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