A Xiaomi announced the arrival of its smart mixer in Brazil this weekstrengthens the brand’s product portfolio for connected homes. Connecting to Wi-Fi, the model can be used to prepare hot and cold drinks and various recipes for the whole family.

With 1,000 W of power and a special heating function, the device can be controlled via the OLED display or mobile phone using the Mi Home app available for Android and iOS. Owner by phone schedule the operation up to 12 hours in advance.

This feature allows you to, for example, prepare a drink on the way home after work, or program the appliance to prepare breakfast foods for the next day. In the application, there are various recipes that you can make by taking advantage of the features of the product.

The integrated heating plate is another highlight. xiaomi smart mixer. According to the manufacturer, the technology allows you to prepare recipes such as hot chocolate and soup by keeping them warm for up to four hours – the same time is guaranteed for cold drinks thanks to the jug that can handle different temperatures.

Where is it located?

Regarding the capacity, the Xiaomi blender takes up to 1.2 liters of hot liquid and up to 1.6 liters of cold liquid. The model also has eight stainless steel blades that cut at different angles and allow different recipes to be prepared.

There are nine speeds to achieve the perfect consistency, with the lowest speeds allowing you to mix bananas, avocados and yogurt, and intermediate speeds allowing you to combine soft foods in the preparation of healthy juices and fresh vegetables. Speeds 7 to 9 are recommended for harder foods.

For ease of use, this device cost 1.9 thousand BRL, the manufacturer recommended value has eight predefined modes for the user to choose from, including soup, smoothie, juice and snack preparation options. Xiaomi’s smart blender is on sale both in official physical stores and on the brand’s website.

Source: Tec Mundo

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