The developers of Tweetbot and Twitterrific are asking users to refuse a refund for a subscription. In January, both applications stopped working after Twitter restricted the use of the API.

Opening Twitterrific shows a button “I’m happy with what I got from Twitterrific and don’t want a refund at this time”, and Tapbots offers the option to subscribe to Tweetbot in the Ivory app, which is a third-party Mastodon client. Also, Tweetbot has a button called “I’m happy with what I got from Tweetbot and I don’t need a refund.”

Apple does this automatically. But if it is applicable to an in-app installation, then there will be no refund.

They did not comment on the latest app updates. Sometimes Apple has made a case for them by letting them actually use the subscription as a donation.

This is an unprecedented situation that many iOS apps have not experienced before.

In most cases, companies warn about API restrictions. But Twitter suddenly turned them off, the creators of the Twitter clients learned about it from the news, as well as external users. [TechCrunch]

Source: Iphones RU

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