The new artificial intelligence system “ChatGPT” has become controversial in many professional fields, sparking discussions about changes – or the need for – in operational work routines. In education, the situation was no different.

AI Chatbot scored 680 points (1000 maximum) in a 2022 Enem trial themed “Challenges in valuing communities and traditional peoples in Brazil” in a test. With the grade, the system would have passed several courses competing in Brazil, including Biological Sciences, Electrical Engineering, and Psychology, according to the latest data released by Sisu.

Considering that Enem is a test that tests students’ reasoning, amazing how a technology can perform so wellwhich means it outperforms many human competitors.

“As Enem, in a way, aims to assess skills and abilities, it already serves a world where knowledge is highly accessible, and the main issue is to understand whether the student can use knowledge critically and productively, avoiding simplification conditions. . So we can expect Enem to raise this concern. ”Highlighted by Filipe Couto, pedagogical director of Colégio pH.

artificial intelligence for Filipe, significantly influences the way we relate to the world and if it develops well, it will become a part of our daily life like Google. In other words, rejecting it as an enemy rather than using it as a helper can produce professionals who are not well-adjusted to the future.

“Obviously, there is a concern for authenticity in some works. But this should serve as an incentive for schools to develop better assessments”, adds.

The coordinator reinforces that one of the school’s duties is to present the possibilities and limits of this technology so that people can use it critically and responsibly.

“Today, the best schools are already interested in developing skills. This means that teachers want students to know how to mobilize their knowledge to solve problems. Therefore, more important than knowing the formulas, dates and rules is an ethical and creative approach to the problems posed by our reality. understanding how to access them in order to solve them in a way thatcomplete.

How to use ChatGPT and other AI chatbots in education?

Filipe has prepared five tips for using the tool consciously and collaboratively in the school setting. It is worth observing each tip and adding little by little to the school routine of thousands of students:

1- Encourage students to use GPT Chat to generate ideas and insights

Just like Google, ChatGPT, Bard and other artificial intelligence can be connected to creativity. However, guide them to critically evaluate the information provided and seek additional resources to delve deeper into the topic.

It is important for students to know that not all information is reliable or accurate. After all, these mechanisms have proven to be flawed and can be mistaken in the response.

2- Encourage students to work together using ChatGPT

They can cooperate Formulate questions and answers for ChatGPT, as well as discuss the answers and learn together. A very rich piece of work from ChatGPT’s answers that can encourage a discussion-based discussion among students.

3- Encourage students to be objective in their doubts

Remember that it’s important to ask clear and specific questions to get the best ChatGPT answers. Learning to ask good questions is an essential skill for dealing with such an information-filled world.

4- Use GPT Chat as a complementary learning tool

GPT Chat can be a great tool to help students understand more complex concepts and different perspectives on the same topic. Therefore, if they have doubts, ask them to ask artificial intelligence and examine whether what is presented is correct.

5- Use ChatGPT as a support tool

ChatGPT can be used to assist students with questions about different topics and also to provide additional learning resources.

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Source: Tec Mundo

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