March 15 is considered Consumer Day. With many stores offering special discounts and promotions during the week of the memorial date, making it a great time to shop.

As the date approaches, TecMundo is preparing a variety of content about products that you can buy if you find a good promotion. And the robot vacuum cleaner is a highly sought after item during promotional seasons.

The device does the cleaning service by itself without the need for handling. However, it is possible to leave the house to perform daily activities while the product cleans the environments. Since it has sensors, it can easily escape from furniture or get under structures.

Some models also have certain features such as rubber wheels, fluid aspiration and automatic return to the charging station.

Below are some suggestions for robot vacuums to watch out for during Consumer Week:

1. Ho042 Multi-Laser Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Image: Tecmundo Recommends

With its 3-in-1 function, Multilaser’s robot vacuum has automatic mode, it cleans corners and spirals. Ideal for those with pets, the vacuum cleaner automatically keeps the house clean at all times.

Multilaser’s Ho042 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner was developed to work on different floor types such as carpet, laminate, wood and rugs. Cleaning modes can be preset or automatically adjusted as the product detects.

The filter of the device has a capacity of 450 ML and its total power is 30W. According to the brand, it has a high-tech cleaning and suction system that helps make environments even cleaner.

In addition to helping to avoid obstacles, the device’s sensors can also prevent potential falls, such as stairs and balconies.

2. Mondial Rb08 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Picture: Mondial Robot Vacuum Cleaner Rb08
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Always clean the house with the new Fast Clean Easy rb-08 robot vacuum cleaner. smart cleaning sweeps, sweeps and cleans with just 1 tap! daily cleaning is now easier and more practical! Its 30w power and 90 minutes of autonomy provide the necessary power at the ideal time for the heaviest tasks. The fall arrest system has 3 intensity-adjustable sensors to make adjustments to the tone of the floor and identify unevenness.

Mondial’s Rb08 Vacuum Cleaner has an intelligent cleaning schedule. This allows the product to bypass obstacles, get under furniture and move easily over uneven floors.

It has a 140 ML reservoir and has rubber protection to prevent damage to furniture and floors. By having a pilot lamp on its surface, you can see it working in the dark and also monitor the battery status.

The robot vacuum cleaner also has a fall arrest sensor, has three operating modes and can be used on different types of floors.

3. Britânia Bas17p Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Image: Britânia Bas17p Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Britânia Bas17p Robotic Cleaner recharges itself, returns to base alone, tank, mop for cleaning with water, cremote control and 120 minutes of battery life.

Britânia’s Bas17p Robot Vacuum Cleaner is an interesting option for anyone looking for a cost-effective appliance. It has 48W power and automatically returns to the charging dock after cleaning.

The device can absorb dust as well as liquids that may be present in the environment. Their reservoirs are 300 ML and 125 ML, respectively.

The product, which has fall and obstacle sensors, has cleaning modes for different environments and works on different floor types.

4. Midea Vra21bb Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Image: Midea Vra21bb Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Midea Vra21bb Robot Vacuum Cleaner has the following features: obstacle and fall prevention sensor, remote control, HEPA filters to prevent dust mites and other allergens and battery lasts 100 minutes.

One of the biggest differences of Midea Vra21bb Vacuum Cleaner is its 800 ML chamber. Due to its large capacity, it is ideal for large homes or high dust sensitive environments.

Obstacle sensors identify walls, stairs and furniture to direct the correct cleaning to the location. The device comes with a remote control with a display that allows you to schedule the cleaning at any time.

The vacuum cleaner automatically returns to the charging unit, works on different floors and has a power of 40W.

5. Wap Robot Vacuum Cleaner Fw006247

Picture: Wap Robot Vacuum Cleaner Fw006247
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Wap Fw006247 Robot Vacuum Cleaner has dual filtration with HEPA filter, rechargeable battery, self-charging system and rotating brushes.

Wap’s Robot Vacuum Cleaner Fw006247 may be of interest to those who want a more complete product and want to invest more in their purchase. It has multi-functional cleaning and promises to effectively clean large environments with different floors.

Its remote control allows you to choose the time and intensity of the programs. Like other devices, it has anti-fall and anti-collision sensors that ensure the safety of products and pets.

The vacuum cleaner also has rubber wheels, a 300ML reservoir and 300W of power so as not to damage the floor.

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Source: Tec Mundo

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