Samsung launched it last Wednesday (1) Sound Tower MX-ST45B. The portable speaker is water resistant, has LED lighting, provides up to 160 W of power and is made for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Although it is possible to use an external power supply, the model has a Built-in battery with up to 12 hours of battery life. In portable mode, its power is 80W, still higher than most competing speakers in the same segment.

Sound Tower MX-ST45B details

The MX-ST45B offers two-way speaker systemensures even sound distribution even in larger rooms. Model features stereo audio, connections via Bluetooth (BT), USB and P2 analog ports (3.5mm) or RCA cable.

The multi-connection Bluetooth system makes it possible to: sync up to ten Sound TowersIdeal for sound systems in larger halls or outdoor parties. In addition, bluetooth compatible TVs can be connected wirelessly to the MX-ST45B, making it a Alternative to soundbars.

Sound Tower MX-ST45B is a good alternative to soundbars

The new Sound Tower is now available at: Official Samsung store for R$2,999. Those who purchase the MX-ST45B by March 15 will still receive a 6-month Spotify Premium subscription.

Source: Tec Mundo

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