took Message promising to give a perfume as a gift on WhatsApp As a so-called promotional act for International Women’s Day? As Kaspersky warned this Thursday (2), it’s better to throw it away as it’s a new online scam for data theft.

According to the cybersecurity specialist company, the malicious campaign “starts with the receipt of the message.You won a perfume on Women’s Day”. After opening it, the victim is encouraged to click on links that will take him to a fake website where he will have to answer questions and provide data if he wants to win the “reward”.

In addition to filling out the form with name, phone and email, cybercriminals ask the victim to share the fake message with 20 people or five groups. And the scam doesn’t end there, including other steps to attract more people’s attention.

Next, the victim is informed about a supposed chance to win an additional prize, which is a coupon for shopping from supermarkets, which can be R$500, R$3,000, R$5,000 or R$10,000. According to the report, interested people need to sign up again and download the specified app, which actually has the potential to distribute malware.

protection tips

Always be suspicious of so-called promotions via WhatsApp, especially on special dates, is the first step to avoid falling into fraud. Call the company that will run the campaign through official channels and confirm that the action is real.

In addition, avoid clicking on links that come via messages, e-mails and SMS, check the address of the site you are directed to, and do not share promotional messages that you are not sure of. Not giving personal data is another important attitude.

Source: Tec Mundo

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