Elon Musk’s company is failing Neuralinkin their intentions to carry out brain implantation in humans.

In 2022, the FDA apparently denied permission to BCI to conduct human trials using the same devices that killed all those pigs, namely; slaughter of pigs.

“The agency’s main security concerns related to the device’s lithium battery; the possibility of migration of thin implant wires to other areas of the brain; and questions about whether and how to remove the device without damaging brain tissue,” they said. Reuters current and former employees of Neuralink.

The FDA’s concerns about the battery system and its new transdermal charging capabilities stem from potential device failure. In accordance with Reutersthe agency is seeking assurances that it is “highly unlikely that the battery will fail” because if it does, the discharge of electrical current or thermal energy from a ruptured bag could fry surrounding tissue.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is also very concerned about potential problems if the device needs to be recalled in bulk for replacement or upgrades due to the tiny size of the electrical wires extending into the patient’s gray matter. These wires are so small and fragile that they run the risk of breaking during removal (or even regular use) and then migrating to other parts of the brain where they can get stuck in something important.

Source: Digital Trends

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