Russian perfume chains plan to develop in neighboring countries, the Federal Antimonopoly Service has proposed to expand the list of products for which it will not be possible to increase prices without reason, the Ministry of Industry and Trade intends to launch a mechanism for qualifying the level of “taming” of Russian telecommunication equipment in September and other events on March 3.

The level of “home” telecommunications equipment, shopping centers are increasing attendance: the main thing March 3


  • Kinopoisk arranged an entertaining action on his Twitter account, where he invited subscribers and some companies to describe themselves with a quote from the songs of the King and Shut group. Vizit said that he “will not refuse anything”, while Yandex Go offered to go to the “damn old house.” Ozon, Qiwi, and others also got in on the action.


  • Billionaire Yevgeny Shvidler has asked the British court to lift the sanctions. This is the first time since the outbreak of hostilities on the territory of Ukraine, when sanctions against Russia are being challenged in a British court. The hearing will take place within the next 28 days.


  • The new payment method with the Mir card through the screen using a QR code must be tokenized; it should not contain bank card details, but a link to them. The requirements will be mandatory for banks from April 25.
  • Sber began providing consumer loans to people without visiting the office. The organization is testing mobile banking for the public. In the future, the design of more complex products will be available via video calls, Sberbank promises.


  • Russian perfume networks have intensified development projects in neighboring countries, writes Kommersant. Letual began preparing to enter several neighboring markets at once, and Golden Apple plans to expand its presence abroad.
  • FAS proposed to expand the list of goods for which it will not be possible to increase prices without reason. Experts fear that this will speed up the exit of small players from the market, writes Vedomosti.
  • The February holiday weekend provided shopping centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg with a seasonal increase in attendance of 5-15%. The dynamics can continue on the eve of March 8. The Russians began to gradually return to unnecessary spending.
  • TCS Group, the parent company of Tinkoff Bank, has started to study the option of re-registering from the Cypriot jurisdiction, Vedomosti reported.
  • Forbes learned about Rostelecom’s negotiations on the purchase of the online table reservation service LeClick. According to sources of the publication, the company intends to acquire 50% in the service. Rostelecom itself denies these plans.

  • Georgy Mikhailov, former vice president of Azbuka Vkusa, became the new commercial director of Yandex.Lavka. He has over 15 years of experience in retail, including the X5 Group. “Yandex.Lavke” Mikhailov will develop his own brand of service and the direction of prepared food.


  • The government and companies will allocate 481 billion rubles until 2030 for the development of space systems, Kommersant learned. The money will be spent, in particular, on the development of terrestrial infrastructure, the launch of satellite communication constellations and the production of devices for remote sensing of the earth.
  • The Industry and Trade Ministry intends to launch a mechanism for rating the level of “domestication” of Russian telecom equipment in September, Kommersant reported. Teams that are at least assembled in Russia are supposed to be recognized as domestic.


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