Windows 11 received an update this week that integrates ChatGPT with Bing and adds artificial intelligence to the Start Menu. However, the update brought with it a problem: Microsoft OS calendar app crashes.

According to user reports, Calendar crashes frequently when opened via Start or the Windows Mail app. While the application is opening it loads the window title and stops working.

Users started reporting the issue on Tuesday (28), but Microsoft has yet to formally acknowledge it. Despite this, the company is already working on a bug fix.

How to avoid the error?

Now, the alternative is to use the Outlook app to access the calendar or even open it via the email provider on the web.. A Microsoft recommendation that also works is to turn off and reset Calendar in the operating system.

This wasn’t the only bug found after Windows 11 update KB5022913, called Moment 2. Users using interface customization applications were causing problems on their computers, causing failures when starting the operating system.

Source: Tec Mundo

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