I found those times when a smartphone could be connected to a computer in removable disk mode and quickly go through the photo gallery by copying a large number of computers. Flash drives, memory cards, photo and video cameras were connected to the PC in a similar way.

Unfortunately, the Apple mobile operating system does not allow you to simply connect a gadget to your computer to view and carry the necessary photos.

You can fix the situation with one application. With it, the iPhone turns into a wireless NAS with customizable access rights.

How to Share iPhone Gallery with Other Devices

1. Download the free app on iPhone network drive from the app store.

2. Run the program and be sure to grant access to work with the request on the network.

If the window accidentally disappears, select the radio button in the section Settings – Network drive – Local network.

3. Click the button Start to start the server. After that, the iPhone turns into a network drive within your work Wi-Fi network.

A drive with access via SMB protocol will be created. You can connect to it using the selection in the program.

4. Click on the button Shared folders network access to the folder DCIM (be sure to give permission to access all photos).


5. On Mac Seeker and select section Net in the side menu.

6. The first time you connect, your computer data is available on iPhone.

Now you know all the photos from your smartphone right in the files of the macOS manager.

There are many network storage settings in the program settings. For example, you can set authorization with a password (this will be useful when you share data from a smartphone in the office).

You can find photos and videos on your computer, copy them to your smartphone, and even delete them (the last step requires confirmation on the iPhone screen).

This application has only two limitations.

Firstlyprogram can’t minimize or lock the screen iPhone. Due to the peculiarities of iOS, the process will be paused and the connection will be interrupted. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Secondlyoriginal connection speed is very slow and is only suitable for familiarization with the environment. With in-app purchase for 279 rubles. you can reduce the speed limit and public ads in the app.

After that, you can purchase a smartphone gallery with any computer or tablet within the same wireless network. You can connect not only from macOS, a computer with any system will do. In parameters network drive there is a set of instructions for that.

In the same way, you can get the iPhone into a wireless drive and dump any data into the shared folder.

Source: Iphones RU

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