According to journalists, “Russian Yandex” may be registered in Kaliningrad. In it for a period of five years, management passes to the fund managers. This fund may include the former head of the Accounting Chamber Alexei Kudrin, the former general director of the Tigran Khudaverdyan company and others.

However, the Dutch Yandex NV will receive licenses for the development of four projects abroad: drones, cloud technologies, education Yandex.Practicum and the Toloka data markup project. It is envisaged that 51% of “Russian Yandex” will then be sold to investors, and 49% will remain in Yandex NV, as sources explain, an opportunity for the company to retain international investors. Potential candidates for a 51 percent stake include 20 billionaires, including the founder of Magnit, the co-owner of Lenta, and the founder of Wildberries. But another RBC source noted that most of the list of potential investors “will be surprised to even be there.”

Source: Ferra

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