Pure Storage, an American manufacturer of all-flash storage equipment for businesses, announced its plans on Wednesday. Developing 300TB Flash drives by 2026. Information given to the site Block and Files, After the announcement of the new FlashBlade//E, an expandable unstructured repository, it sold for $0.20 (R$1.04) per GB stored.

But the company’s equipment is not ordinary SSDs, as we are used to seeing in our computers at home or at work. Pure manufactures its own solid-state memory devices called Direct Flash Modules (DFMs), which embed popular NAND chips into the Purity operating system.

The problem with this is that you have to buy the whole system and while $0.20 seems cheap, the minimum order is fixed at 4 petabytes (PB). which yields an invoice of US$800,000 or R$4.16 million. FlashBlade//E uses 40 x 48 TB DFM (Dual Flash Memory Module) per chassis.

Multiplying Petabytes

Pure Storage’s plan is to have 300TB drives by 2026.

talk to Block and Files“Our plan for the next few years is to take our competitive hard drive posture into a whole new area,” said Alex McMullan, CTO of Pure Storage. – To speed up, in June – new dimensions announced.

The calculation is not complicated: a FlashBlade case currently contains ten blades. Each can be equipped with up to four DFMs. This is a 10 blade x 4 x 300 TB DFM FlashBlade//E chassis. Reaches 12 PB.

To get to the promised 300TB, McMullan says he’s counting on semiconductor memory chip manufacturers, who currently ship between 112 and 160 layers, but plan to reach 400/500 layers in the next five years.

Source: Tec Mundo

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